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Dear customers, 

Katy suffered a stroke in August 2020. She's working to regain her strength and hopes to be able to resume operations in the spring of 2021. Thank you for your past support!



I've always loved flowers for the beauty and mood they create and I love spending my free time outdoors.  I've always found a space to grow my own flowers and started by installing and filling window boxes on my first condo in South Boston in 1992.  Over the years I moved to different homes in Milton and continued to expand my garden space each year.  In 2012 I was invited to join the Milton Garden Club, and I began learning floral design and more about horticulture.  As my only son grew older and we began looking at colleges, I realized that I was going to have much more free time on my hands than I had ever had before.  I began reading about flower farming and the increased interest in American grown flowers.  In the winter of 2017 I decided I wanted to expand my gardens and start a part-time side business.  Shortly thereafter, I dove right in and turned most of my front yard into a large garden using the lasagna gardening method, where you create the garden right on top of your existing lawn.  Burke's Blooms was born. The first year was spent learning about my soil, what I could start from seed under grow lights in my basement, and how much interest there was in my community for locally grown flowers.  Late in the first season I began putting flowers out for sale on a self-serve cart at the corner of my property, and I had a huge interest from my Milton community.  In 2018 I continued to learn more about growing and perfecting my floral design skills.  I began offering weekly bouquet subscriptions, similar to a vegetable community supported agriculture (CSA)program.  I also booked my first large events, doing floral centerpieces for several graduation parties, a bar mitzvah and a 50th anniversary party.  I've traveled around the country taking farming and floral design classes from some of the top designers and specialty cut flower growers in the US.  In January 2019 I traveled to Seattle to a four-day wedding intensive workshop and I am ready to put those skills to work.

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